How to benefit from the solidarity store

What does it mean to join the AGORAé?

By joining the AGORAé Paris-Saclay, you will be able to buy everyday products (food and hygiene) at very low prices.

The AGORAé Paris-Saclay also organizes free events where you can learn how to cook the food you bought at the store ! Moreover, the AGORAé is a place of social gathering where you can connect with other students and volunteers !

who Can join?

To join the AGORAé Paris-Saclay, the primary requirements are:

  • being a student at Université Paris-Saclay
  • having a daily budget between 1,35€ and 7,50€
How to compute your daily budget.

In order to know if you can join the AGORAé Paris-Saclay, you have to compute your daily budget based on how much money you receive and spend during a month.

All the money you receive during a month (income, scholarship, allowance …) is called the « ressources ».

All the money you spend during a month (rent, transportation, taxes …) is called the « dépenses ».

If your daily budget is between 1,35€ and 7,50€, you can join the AGOARé Paris-Saclay.

( daily budget = (ressources – dépenses)/30 )

You can find a table to help you compute your daily budget in the application file below.

How to join?

You have to fill in a confidential file to join the AGORAé Paris-Saclay.

You will be asked to provide administrative documents. These documents will enable the team to decide if you can join.

The following documents are required in your application :

  • a copy of your student card
  • the last two bank account statements
  • a copy of the last tax/non-tax notice
  • a copy of the family booklet (unless you live alone)
  • the last 3 bank account statements of your household (unless you live alone)
  • a situation statement from the CROUS, a lease contract or a rent receipt
  • certificates for the social aid you benefit from (housing allowance and/or scholar grant)
  • a sworn statement as a beneficiary of alimony

Once you have filled your application file, please send it with all the documents above to .

If you need more help, please contact us!

You can download the application file here!